Riders at heart,
Saddle Consultants by profession

Company Story

Skyriding has been in business officially since 2011 but our story begins long before that. Our Skyriding Saddle Consultants have all been full time horse professionals for many years, hence they quickly discovered that there are many riders who struggle to find a long-lasting and comfortable saddle for both their horse and themselves.

An industry with a desperate need for innovation and the lack of education around the subject inspired us to join forces in order to offer something better.

Our purpose is to take the struggle out of saddle fitting by providing education and a personal tailored solution for every rider. Whether it’s labelled as treed, treeless or flexible, through suppliers using the latest technologies we are able to offer saddles that greatly enhance the welfare of the horse and that serve the goals of the rider.


Promoting the horse’s welfare is the reason why we do what we do. And let’s face it, when you consider his welfare a priority, you are better able to enjoy your magnificent companion . Not just that, but a healthy, happy horse performs better, lives longer and is more enjoyable to be around.

Because we are grateful for what we have, we’d like to do more. So starting on November 1st 2016 Skyriding will set apart 10% of its profits to donate to a charity promoting horse welfare.

Choosing the right cause to support isn’t the easiest thing to do, so we’de like to involve you in the selection of an organization or project. Like our Facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter & educational blogs and we’ll keep you updated.

Bert Swennen

Bert got involved in the development of the first treeless saddles as early as 2001. He is a pioneer in the industry and is even responsible for the designs of some of our saddle models and those of other companies. While getting his saddle fitting education he performed as a host on a Belgium television program for a number of years where he became known as ‘Bert and his Irish Cobs’.
Although still involved, due to physical ailments Bert stopped working as a Skyriding Saddle Consultant in 2014. He went back to running ‘Skyfarm’, the horse & children’s therapeutic centre he and his wife Ester founded in 2002. Learn more about Bert and Skyfarm.

Elvira Noot

After working as a Natural Horsemanship & Dressage instructor for many years and graduating as an Equestrian Entrepeneur, Elvira pursued her career in France.
While being trained by people like the acclaimed Berni Zambail she got introduced to new eye-opening saddling solutions.

Besides training with renowned saddle makers from some of the biggest brands available, Elvira complemented her studies through the ‘Master Saddle Fitting Consultants’ program in The Netherlands. She is specialized in training young horses and is the founder of ‘Eager Ears Coltstarting’. She remains an avid learner of saddle technology.

Cheryl Debie

A deep passion for horses led to Cheryl stepping away from her successful career in law and moving to France. There she followed a two year fulltime program studying herd dynamics, hoof care, equine nutrition, horse behaviour and young horse development working with various breeds and horses. It was during this time that her saddlefitting education began. 

Cheryl then continued training at the Parelli campus in Colorado, with world renown Pat and Linda Parelli. Returning to the UK in 2013 she founded ‘Horse & Rider Naturally’ solving ‘problematic horse behaviour by applying Natural Horsemanship and Dressage based principles. Cheryl works together closely with the rest of the Skyriding team to ensure quality control within the company.

Christiaan Noot

After graduating from International Business & Languages, Christiaan held marketing & sales positions in the software licensing, banking, and recruitment sector. He subsequently learned he never wanted to work just for the sake of earning a living ever again.

Traveling the world as a volunteer for a microcredit organization inspired him to seek out companies that offer qualitative products and services that do not just have a positive impact on the ‘bottom line’ but society as a whole. Besides helping our Saddle Consultants do what they’re best at, Christiaan’s eye for quality has been a tremendous asset to working with the right suppliers.

Jasmijn Fleuren

Jasmijn decided to quit her Learning Technology Studies as she was discontent with the approach to the current educational system. She has, however, been following her passions through teaching communication techniques at high schools as a volunteer for a number of years now. While currently getting her bachelors in Applied Psychology she is also active in running the business side in several companies along with her husband. One of these is ‘Green Greetings’ (in dutch), providing health education based on the usage of essential oils and nutrition.

At Skyriding she is involved in managing our finances, sets up customer orders and even takes care of all of our web and promotion design. Whatever spare time is left goes into riding horses.