Riders at heart,
Saddle Consultants by profession

Company Story
Skyriding has been in business officially since 2011 but our story begins long before that. Our Skyriding Saddle Consultants have all been full time horse professionals for many years, hence they quickly discovered that there are many riders who struggle to find a long-lasting and comfortable saddle for both their horse and themselves.

An industry with a desperate need for innovation and the lack of education around the subject inspired us to join forces in order to offer something better.

Our purpose is to take the struggle out of saddle fitting by providing education and a personal tailored solution for every rider. Whether it’s labelled as treed, treeless or flexible, through suppliers using the latest technologies we are able to offer saddles that greatly enhance the welfare of the horse and that serve the goals of the rider.

In the sweet memory of my mother, Skyriding supports the Alzheimer foundation Netherland.



Angelique van Voorst

Passion: From childhood, horses are my great love. They have also turned out to be my big teachers. From lessons in a riding school to my own horse. From basic dressage sport to Natural Horsemanship. Over the years a lot happens and changes, but the love for the horse has remained. Whether it is about interaction with the horse, riding or mental and physical health,  with horses learning never stops.

Professional: I would like to contribute to making the riding experience just as pleasant for the horse as for the rider. I have opted for a range of flexible, adaptable and (semi) treeless saddles of high quality. For these saddles, just like for other saddles, it must be perfectly adjusted, fitted and checked for correct position for the back of the horse and the correct combination of horse-rider saddle in motion.
I also check tree saddles on location and do the necessary repairs or filling work. I work with other professionals to offer the horse and its owner the best care, treatment and / or training.

MSFC 1st year – Master Saddel Fitting Consultant
MSFC 2nd year – Saddler
Balance International internal training UK

Cheryl Debie

A deep passion for horses led to Cheryl stepping away from her successful career in law and moving to France. There she followed a two year fulltime program studying herd dynamics, hoof care, equine nutrition, horse behaviour and young horse development working with various breeds and horses. It was during this time that her saddlefitting education began. 

Cheryl then continued training at the Parelli campus in Colorado, with world renown Pat and Linda Parelli. Returning to the UK in 2013 she founded ‘Horse & Rider Naturally’ solving ‘problematic horse behaviour by applying Natural Horsemanship and Dressage based principles. Cheryl works together closely with the rest of the Skyriding team to ensure quality control within the company.