Flexible saddles were created to offer a competition- and showproof flexible treed saddle. It is the bridge between a treeless and a treed saddles.
Flexible saddles are made from a Leatherflex tree in combination with a traditional headplate, soft seat and safety stirrup bars. The Flexible tree adjusts to the movements of the horses back, making it easier for the horse to collect themselves or round up for the jump. Besides that the seat gives the rider a wonderful soft feel and the possibility to really feel one with the horse.

Leatherflex Tree

Flexible saddles have a Leatherflex base or tree. This material is flexible and can move in different directions so as to follow the movement of the horse’s back in motion.

Soft Seat

The combination of a leather tree and a luxuriously soft seat makes the flexible saddles a more comfortable saddle to ride in. 

High Quality Leather

Flexible saddles are ecologically made in Europe from first class German and Italian leather and no child labour has any part in the process.


Flexible panels are filled with a specific kind of ‘soft foam’ ensuring amazing shock absorption and a soft sensation for both horse and rider.