Their most important qualities are freedom of spine, adequate upholstery and comfort. The construction of the Grandeur saddle pad allows an additional support to the saddle`s mechanism. Rubber pads are on the upside of the saddle pad adhere to the saddle`s panel. Adequate positioning of the pad keeps the horse´s spine free and doesn´t disturb its movement. The Grandeur pad remains well positioned during the ride.


369For every discipline, horse and rider combination, saddle brand and model you can choose between different inserts. Felt, Moosgummi and Soft Foam are the materials we usually  recommend, depending on the fit and purpose.


All pads can be ordered in a number of colours ranging from neutral black and brown to vibrant pink and blue.

Custom Made

If the specific model you want to use for a saddle is non existent, Grandeur makes it easy to design your own pad by sending you a drawing pad where the outline of the saddle and the wished for outline of the pad can be drawn. Different kinds of lining and inserts can be chosen to match your own custom made pad.