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We have studied and tested many brands over the years through an extensive process.  We know what’s out there and willingly share our findings with you.
Our Consultants are educated and experienced in fitting treeless, flexible and treed saddles. The next saddle you purchase will be the last one you’ll need.
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As instructors, trainers and saddlefitters we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the years. Let us share our expertise with you.
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Skyriding’s Purpose

I don’t think there is anyone that doesn’t find horses beautiful animals. They are naturally designed to be athletes and despite their immense strength they are surprisingly sensitive. The welfare of the horse has always been my number one priority. It motivated me to become an instructor and later on a saddle fitter. This focus on the horse is what all Skyriding Saddle Consultants have in common and what eventually brought us together. As a horse instructor I often came across issues that couldn’t be solved by training alone. Mental- and physical training can do a lot to fix behavior and crookedness but if the saddle doesn’t fit properly, problems are going to arise sooner or later. This is what got me into saddle fitting. Investigating the newest saddle technologies opened up a whole new world to me. Our purpose is to take the struggle out of saddle fitting by offering quality saddles that have horse and rider comfort and welfare as a priority.

Traditional Horse Saddles

The design of early saddles show an understanding of the importance of protecting the horse’s spine from the weight of the rider. I mean; the spinal chord is how the brain is connected to the rest of the body so any form of excessive pressure will cause pain and will eventually damage the nervous system and the muscular skeletal system of the horse. Historically the materials available meant that saddle designs really failed to provide enough protection so more solid materials were used to form something that distributed the rider’s weight and protected the spine. This was the start of the treed saddle. In the last few decades there has been a rapid advancement in the materials, technology and designs available to the saddle industry. Treeless,- and Flexible saddles were formed and with those the time has come to take horse saddles into the 21st century.

Skyriding Saddle Selection

At Skyriding we go through an extensive selection process before choosing the supplier, the brand and even the model that we end up offering to our clients. We’re not interested in short term solutions, instead we look for saddles that are lightweight, flexible, adaptable and durable most of which are considered to be treeless saddles and flexible saddles. These unique features make our saddles more versatile and ensure they last much longer which saves quite a lot of energy, time and money. Amongst many other benefits, a correctly fitted saddle with these features creates a soft seat and the sensation of being closer to your horse. Skyriding saddles free up the movement of the horse so that the combination can achieve the goals they have. This works for long distance, dressage, eventing, jumping, western riding, natural horsemanship or any other discipline you want to be succesfull at.

Skyriding International Saddle Company

Skyriding is really more like a cooperation than a company. Our Skyriding Saddle Consultants were already successfull horse professionals for many years before starting their saddle fitting career. They have all experienced the difficulties in finding a correctly fitted saddle. Their expertise on treed saddles, treeless saddles and flexible saddles combined with all their previous experience is what makes Skyriding so unique. We make sure riders get the help and support they needed in finding their horse’s ideal saddle. Whether checking someone’s current saddle whatever brand it may be or finding the right fit for a new saddle, we make sure that all horse riders that reach out to us get the advice and service they need for lasting results.


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Wow what a great company and service! After being told my horse was hard to fit by other saddlers, Cheryl found two saddles that fitted amazingly. I loved riding in the Freeform Elite. Support, super comfy and very reasonably priced. The quality of the leather and the colour combos are to die for. My mare’s movement changed almost instantly. Shoulder and back movement and not to mention the natural paces improved immensely. Lauren Dean

I had a wonderful consultation with Elvira! As an instructor, I was looking for an almost impossible to find saddle; one that fits multiple horses, that allows me to coltstart and even fits my horse’s sensitive back. Miraculously Elvira made it happen. She took all the needed time to explain the entire process and extensively test the saddles. Her being a competent trainer also helped a great deal. Can’t recommend Skyriding enough! Karen Janssens

Skyriding asked plenty of questions to understand my horses’ situation, my wishes and my riding goals. The saddle fitting consultation was very good! Elvira really takes time to prepare the horses so it also becomes a pleasant experience. I especially liked her ample explanations and tips, so I could make adjustments myself. Skyriding considers the tack you already own instead of thinking commercially. Outstanding service! Fiona Dreezen

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