10 Reasons why a Horse might be better than a Man

Cheryl Debie | 13-2-2017

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we thought it was time to show our appreciation for the real loves of our lives – our horses 🙂 Pretty obvious this article was written by a woman but maybe it works just as well for the other gender, you decide.

1. Horses are always honest about how they feel. You know where you stand with a horse because what can be clearer than running to the gate to meet you or high tailing it as far away as possible? There is never guesswork or mind games as there sometimes are with people.

3. Your horse will listen to everything you have to say and never tell your secrets. They tune into your feelings too and can always make you feel better.

2.  You can hang out with your horse and relax completely without your horse trying to turn up the heat, especially when all you want to do is unwind after a stressful day.

4. Your horse won’t leave you for a younger, more attractive rider. 🙂 In fact your horse really doesn’t mind how you look or if you smell like a stable, they just want to be cared for.

5  You won’t get upset with your horse for forgetting your birthday, because time with your horse is always a gift. Plus you know it’s difficult to use a calendar when you don’t have thumbs.

6. Your horse gives you that feeding time nicker that always makes you smile no matter how rough a day you’ve had.

7. Time spent with your horse just flies by. You can’t help watching your horse frolic with their friends or just standing there being gorgeous and every now and then you catch yourself thinking how lucky you are to have that horse. Your horse lets you savour these moments but try doing this with a man. Odds are some noisy bodily function will break the spell.

8. Your horse won’t criticise you for having a messy car, for spending time with your friends or for looking at other horses. You can ride as many horses as you like and your horse will still love you!

9. When you get a horse, you don’t have to meet the in-laws and get saddled with a whole bunch of extra Christmas presents to buy.

10.  If your stallion starts getting out of hand you can always have him gelded……

We intentionally didn’t publish the article on Valentines Day and hopefully you’ll take it all with a grain of salt anyway. It is obvious we love our horses. At Skyriding we show our appreciation for these magnificent animals by offering saddles with the well being of the horse as a first priority. Can you name something you regularly do to show your appreciation for your four legged friend?

The Skyriding Team are committed and passionate horse trainers and saddle fitters that are dedicated to improving the comfort and quality of life of horses through expert and innovative saddling. Find out more about our team and philosophy at https://www.skyriding.eu/about/

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