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Our Selection Process
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Skyriding’s Saddle Selection Process

Every horse and rider combination is unique. Therefore we provide a variety of saddle treed, treeless and flexible saddle brands and models for riders to experience. Before selecting a new horse saddle we go through an extensive research and testing process. Our brands do not choose us, we choose them. Our process consists of three major components. First; we gather data from customer experience and reviews, feedback from our distributors and test results. Second; we get to know the people behind the brand. Visiting the suppliers saddlery is a big part of that. During these visits we not only get to know their purpose and core values but we get to see them in action. This is costly and time consuming, however, it is the only way of controlling quality, working conditions of employees and ensuring the saddle brand is ecologically friendly. Third; our Skyriding Saddle Consultants thoroughly test the brand and it’s distinct horse saddles on long-term factors like: durability and pressure distribution before we offer them to our riders. When we have gone through the entire process then and only then will we offer the new treeless saddle or flexible saddle to our riders. And even after selecting a horse saddle we continue to gather data from the market in order to provide feedback for our suppliers. We constantly seek out the latest saddle innovations and developments in saddle technology.

Flexible Saddles & Treeless Saddles

We seek out lightweight horse saddles. Our treeless saddles and flexible saddles only weigh a third of the weight of the average treed saddle. Without going into too much detail; the combined weight of the rider and saddle is multiplied during movement. As such a lightweight saddle will help the horse to suffer less fatigue and enable sustained performance for longer than a heavier one. A sturdy but lightweight treeless saddle or lightweight flexible saddle will therefore protect the horse’s back. We source flexible saddles. We are proud of stocking horse saddles that are build to promote freedom of movement for the horse. Whether or not the saddle base makes it a treed saddle, treeless saddle or a flexible saddle, we look for components that allow the saddle to follow the contours of the horse, even when they are in motion. This means we supply in a range of saddles from treed, to flexible or treeless saddles. Sometimes flexible components are incorporated through the use of malleable materials such as a foam base or panels which act as an interface between the saddle and the horse’s back. In addition to looking for flexible saddles we also seek components that make the saddle adjustable to the horse. For example; some of our saddles have a turning bar in the pommel that allows for the tree to be widened or narrowed. Other Skyriding horse saddles have panels that can be removed or adjusted in thickness or insert materials. We have western saddles where the fork can be exchanged. There are treeless saddles which allow for the seat to be changed for another size or model, that have adaptable knee- or thigh rolls, alternative billet system and so many more features. These features create a possible tailored fit for the horse and rider. It also ensures that even when horse changes shape the saddle can be adjusted to fit. This significantly increases the chance of the flexible saddle fitting multiple horses.

Skyriding Quality Saddles

We are very particular about the quality of materials we offer to our horse riders. Our suppliers use strong high quality ecologically leather that is tanned properly, and hard wearing stitching that will last a lifetime. High quality foam, leather and other fillings are necessary to ensure a treeless saddle or flexible saddle will continually, evenly distribute pressure and will not be compromised by age. This means the materials in Skyriding saddles we use do not need to be regularly enforced or flocked, saving time and money for the saddle owner. Each saddle that is ordered through Skyriding personally goes through the hands of one of our Saddle Consultants and is checked thoroughly before dispatchment. Whether it’s a treed saddle or treeless saddle, quality control of the horse saddle is a top priority. Through wonderful relationships with our suppliers, constant innovation and our ongoing research, we are able to provide a few of the most amazing treeless and flexible saddles available today.


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Our Brands


Often imitated, yet no one comes close to these 6th generation Italian artisans


Famous for it’s adjustable pommel, adored for it’s beautiful German leather


Finnish saddlers gapping the bridge between tradition & innovation


New brand from Ireland revolutionizing the jumping & eventing disciplines forever


From Argentina, to free up the back & shoulders of your horse


Synonymous to customization, the German solution to every saddle made
I had the opportunity to meet with Skyriding when they came to the area. My fitting was with Cheryl. Although I wasn’t nervous, the saddles gave that extra bit of comfort and support to not just me but the horse as well. The company is truly revolutionary. The difference from saddle to saddle is amazing, they’ve really looked at the market and created something for everyone. Lily Gail Macpherson

Skyriding came to my stables to fit saddles. My horse has a difficult back on which not just every saddle fits but Elvira helped me greatly. She took all the time necessary to make it a comfortable experience for me and my horse. The result is a wonderful flexible saddle under which my horse is able to move in a supple manner. Skyriding is also easily approachable and they have an excellent service! Lisa Roffelsen

The opportunity came to me to have riding lessons in one of the Freeform treeless saddles.Normally riding is very uncomfortable for my hips and lower back, during and after.  I am very impressed that this saddle doesn’t cause me any pain or discomfort at all and I feel pain free after. I feel safe and balanced in the saddle. This was definitely the comfiest saddle I have ever ridden in. Jess Riches

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