BUA Sport

This fairly new brand was made through a cooperation between high level competittion riders and saddle designers. The saddle has been tested and redesigned over many years to be able to live up to it’s creators high standards. With especially showjumping and eventing in mind, BUA Sport Saddles are now used by more and more competition riders who are exepriencing the wonderful benefits of innovation.

Bua’s vision, like the other brands we work with, is that the market has not used all of it’s available technologies in making saddles yet. There is still so much room for improvement when it comes to the horse industry, and the BUA saddlers are passionate about creating success for equestrians.

When building a traditionally treed saddle you have to link two very different organic shapes; the horse and human which creates challenges. The BUA saddlers have figured out a way to make that one shape into two to create a better fit for horse & rider.

For the horse BUA Sport saddles provide good weight distribution and at the same time flexibility to allow room for the horse’s movement.

For the rider BUA saddles provide balance and comfort so the rider can change positions without destabilizing the horse.

Light Weight

BUA saddles are made from light weight materials used in aerospace automotive industries.

Dynamic Cantilevered Tree

The BUA saddle base & tree are connected into what is called the ‘cantilevered tree’ making for a dynamic shape offering more comfort and freedom of movement for the horse.

Adjustable Seat Suspension

The adjustable suspension of the seat & tree connection offers the opportunity to change from a flexible and soft moving seat to a more stable and solid one or reversed at any time.

Adjustable to Different Disciplines

The BUA saddle can easily be adjusted to different disciplines by changing the sweatflaps. (sweatflaps options: Dressage, Dressage Dutch, GP, Jump with kneerolls, Jump without kneerolls).

Machine Washable

The BUA saddle panels which are most effected by sweat residue are machine washable. Simply remove the cover and pop on a low temperature.