Because these beautiful saddles have such a unique construction and philosophy, we are ever so proud to be allowed to distribute them exclusively in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom. These saddles are categorized as the highest-quality, as far as treeless saddles are concerned. There are many market imitations, often using the word “Free” in the name, but the copies fail to adequately match the quality of the original. Freeform continues to evolve and grow in response to demand. They include distributors and saddle consultants in designing and testing their new concepts. Their saddles are handmade by a renowned leatherwork family in Italy,  producing the most famous European treeless brands and Western saddle brands. Freeform saddles are the result of passion, quality, and state-of-the-art technology!

Freeform stomps out the pains and difficulties of earlier treeless saddles. When fitted correctly they provide proper pressure distribution, spinal cord clearance and shoulder freedom and stability of the saddle. In short, Freeform provides total freedom of movement to allow the natural grace of the horse to become available to the rider.

When fitted correctly to both horse and rider the saddle is balanced to help both reach their full potential during the ride. The saddle is constructed from a base and an interchangeable seat. The seats are available in a diversity of designs and sizes. Thanks to the moving girth locks and the Y girth the saddle remains perfectly in place. Add to this different types of knee blocks and a replaceable stirrup bar, and you have yourself a saddle that creates a true sensation.

Foam Base

Whether labeled as treed, treeless or flexible; every saddle has a base or core to distribute weight.
Freeform uses a base out of strong industrial foam. This foam is injected into the saddle by the usage of a one-piece mold.

This is a revolutionary concept in the saddle industry, which ensures a total symmetry of the saddle base. The soft structure and flexibility of the saddle allow the horse complete unrestricted movement.

Highest Quality Leather

Being certified by a very select organisation on leather quality control, Freeform works with only the highest quality of Italian leather, vegetable tanned, hand coloured, washed and cut.

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Interchangeable Seats

Every Freeform model has its original seat but these can all be exchanged according to the wishes, comfort and goals of the rider. There is the option to choose knee rolls and poleys to add some extra comfort and have a deeper seat or go for a ‘shaved’ version which makes the seat narrower which is often used for dressage purposes.

Seats are available in different sizes depending on the length of the saddle base you need.

Different Stirrup Leather Positions

The stirrup leathers can be adjusted completely. They can be positioned to cater to a variety of disciplines such as classical dressage, eventing or showjumping position.


Panels can be attached underneath the saddle by strong industrial velcro. Through several studies they have been developed and re-designed over a number of years to create an open channel for the spinal chord underneath the saddle. The panels have been made to ensure they don’t create any pressure points, not for heavier riders either.

Saddle Base & Kneerolls of your choice

There is a variety of bases and different kneerolls available so the saddle can be adjusted for comfort for the rider and not just the horse.