Torsion is the mother of the current treeless saddles. It is the original of which the many copies have flooded the market in recent years.

Torsion treeless saddles dates back as far as 2001. Since then Torsion has worked hard on improving its pressure distribution among other things and the brand is now ten times what it used to be. Through the help of Endurance competition riders who have thoroughly tested the system, Torsion has been able to strengthen their foam saddle base into what it is today.

It is therefore advisable to ask for advice when buying a secondhand Torsion or to buy a new one directly from a Torsion distributor.

Highest Quality Italian Leather

Torsion saddles are handmade with beautiful European ecological leather. Their leather is tanned by the high standard of Ekopell. Learn more about Ekoppel.

Foam Base

The base of Torsion is handmade out of high durable industrial foam in combination with a strong pommel. The cantles of the different models vary. Because of the material of the base the saddle easily follows the movements of the horses back, ensuring a comfortable ride for both horse and rider.  

Adjustable Leg Position

The Torsion velcro stirrupleather attachment can be easily moved to adjust the riders leg position and posture, adapting to a certain discipline or the riders height.