Trekker is proud to have their sadlles made by Finnish Saddlers out of German and Italian leather. As for all Skyriding saddles no child labour is involved in the making. The saddles are hand made to avoid any loss of quality and a lot of control. By keeping the whole process in Europe quality control is maintained more easily. All saddles are checked thoroughly. The Trekker Saddlers are very passionate about their product and support us in every way needed.

Adjustable Pommel

Through the adjustable pommel any Trekker saddle can be adapted and thus more easily fit multiple horses. Because of the ingenius screw system you can also change it when the condition of your horse changes or when your young horse grows bigger. Trekker is mostly loved amongst endurance- and recreational riders and has grown into a popular brand in Europe.

Leatherflex Tree

Whether we deal with a tree-, treeless-, or flexible saddle, every saddle had a base. The base or tree of Trekker saddles is made of high quality leather made into what is called Leatherflex. This creates enormous flexibility.

2 Stirrup Bar Options

1aug-505 Trekker saddles are also adjustable to the wishes of the rider because of the two different stirrup bar positions. These let you position your leg in the most comfortable or proper angle for the desired discipline, also depending on the rider’s leg length. The hooks are open which means the Trekker saddles do not need to be ridden with safety stirrups.

Adjustable Seat

The Trekker Saddlers did not only consider the horse’s comfort but also thought about the rider’s, designing different comfortable seats for different models. Besides that, the seat can be adjusted to different sizes by moving the cantle forwards or backwards (on adult saddles between: 16” – 18”).

Moveable Panels

Trekker saddles come with panels filled with a combination of wool and foam so made that the wool cannot cluster and get hard, which means they dotrekker-3 not need to be reflocked like most woolfilled panels do every couple of months, saving you as owner a lot of costs. These panels can be repositioned to adapt to your horses comformation and musculature and keep your horses spine protected from pressure. For adult saddles they come in 2 sizes: Standard: 45,5 cm. or Short: 42,5 cm.