A saddle that fits well is essential to superior riding

The benefits of a well fitted saddle

Fluid Transitions

Secure Seat

Lengthening of Strides

Balanced Gaits

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Why saddle fitting is so important

In order to achieve the most from your riding experience a correctly fitted saddle makes all the difference. Just imagine doing a marathon or even going for a short jog in shoes that are a few sizes off. The experience would not only be uncomfortable or even painful but there’s a good chance that after a while you wouldn’t want to go jogging anymore. The same goes for our horse, whether we ask him to perform competitively or go on a short trail ride.  

Issues caused by an ill fitted saddle might include muscular atrophy, pressure points, lameness, stiffness, shortened paces, unbalanced gaits, cinchiness, dullness to riding aids and backpain for either the horse or rider and sometimes both just to name a few. The problem is, some of these physical- and behavioural symptoms may take months or even years to reach a point where it get’s noticed by the rider. Sometimes the development is so slow that it is never recognised as a saddle related issue and no professional saddle fitter is notified. As a result horses and riders fail to meet their potential, or worse, suffer physical discomfort.

Advantages of a well fitted saddle

Because we are owners and riders ourselves we understand the real world struggles in finding quality fitting saddles… as such we make a big deal out of saddle -fitting. By taking plenty of time for preparation, measuring, testing and adjusting before and during saddle consultations we work hard to enable the rider to have a more enjoyable riding experience with the knowledge their horse is also enjoying the ride.

The advantages of a well fitted saddle are too numerous to list fully but certainly include achieving fluid transitions, pure gaits, flexibility, especially during bends, a lengthening of stride and obtaining a secure seat, to sum it up; a supple, engaged and happy horse.

Finding a good Treeless or Flexible Saddle Fitter

Saddle-fitting is by no means a simple process, it is actually quite complex. There are many things that need to be taken into account:  material and rider size and length, panel placement and filling, shoulder movement, withers and spinal freedom, pressure distribution, billet and girth placement, the horse’s musculature and body condition and purpose and riding level of the combination……….well I think I made my point.

Due to these many reasons it is always recommended to involve a professional on location to test and fit a new saddle regardless of any claims that the saddle will “fit any horse”. Treeless saddles and flexible saddles fo also not automatically fit any horse. In some areas of the world it is almost impossible to have a professional saddle fitter attend due to the distance. In those cases we offer the next best thing which is advice from one of our saddle consultants through the use of photographs or even videos of the particular horse.

Sometimes one of our Skyriding saddle fitters isn’t available and we are asked what to look for in a saddle fitter. We suggest that people review credentials, referrals and customer experience. A consultation should always at least include a thorough back examination and the saddle should be tested with a rider, both standing still and in motion.

Professional Saddle Fitter

Investing in a professional saddle fitting will be a huge step towards horse and rider achieving their fullest potential. Our passion is finding saddles that are comfortable, allow freedom of movement and optimal balance. 


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Elvira is a real expert. She teaches you how the saddles should and shouldn’t be placed. She takes all the time necessary to clearly explain the whole process. I have learned so much and had a thorough opportunity to get a well fitted saddle for Yuni and myself. After the consultation you receive a full report of all the options so you can take your time to think about your choice of saddle, wonderful! Now all I have to do is pick which one I want! Laura Schulp

We are completely ready for our new saddle. Elvira is fabulous! I can hardly wait to receive our saddle and start riding.
I am very content with the saddle fitting consultation and again extremely happy with the good and clear explanation. The time, patience and the various options that were presented to us couldn’t be better. When I buy a saddle based on trust, knowledge and service, then Skyriding is the place to go! Tania Dickers

This was the most impressive and informed saddle fitting I’ve ever had! I thought treeless saddles were dead, flat, soft and difficult to keep off the horse’s spine, but not these! Proper gullets, sitting above the spine with solid but flexible panels that move with your horse and are interchangeable so they can fit another horse by whipping off the panels or seat. I recommend having a consultation with Skyriding whether your horse is hard to fit or not. Lizzi Fuller

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