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Saddle Fitting

Why would I invest in a professional Consultation?

A saddle will almost certainly be the most expensive piece of equipment you will ever purchase for you and your horse. It is however also the item that will have the single biggest impact on your riding and your horse’s comfort and wellbeing.

Not every saddle fits every horse and it would be a terrible shame if you’d make a big investment on a wonderful saddle that still causes your horse discomfort, pain or even damage.

Saddle fitting is its own expertise which takes years of training. Skyriding Saddle Consultants are trained in fitting treed-, treeless-, and flexible saddles. While they can make sure the saddle fits your horse, you get the opportunity to test out different brands and models for your own comfort.

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What does a Saddle Fitting Consultation cost?

Maybe you’re not sure if you’d like to buy a new saddle yet. To make it easier to receive a consultation we provide a discount on multiple appointments. Invite a friend or acquaintance on the same day for a consultation for him- or herself and you both save a lot.

We’d like you to enjoy your new saddle to the fullest. Worried about extra costs in addition to your new saddle? That’s why we offer a refund on your Saddle Consultation when you decide to buy a saddle from us afterwards (only the traveling expenses will be charged).

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What if I live too far away to have a Consultant come over?

Of course it is not always viable to have a professional saddlefitter come over to you for a consultation. Sometimes the distance is just too great.

In this case it’s best to contact us by phone or email. By understanding all the details on your riding goals, your horse’s- and your body measurements (horse’s withers and the rider’s height, etc.) our Saddle Consultants will be able to help you a great deal. This can be done through usage of photographs or even videos.

In some cases we also offer the option of sending you a demo saddle for a week. The costs for a demo saddle for a week are 45,- Euros, shipping and deposit excluded.

The option of renting a saddle always depends on our current available stock. Feel free to ask us about it.

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Can I receive a Saddle Fitting Consultation for my current saddle?

Yes, definitely. We would love for everyone to have a well-fitted saddle. If you’re not sure about your current saddle, we’re more than happy to check it for you.

Do you own a brand or model which we do not offer ourselves? No problem. We do have specific reasons for choosing to work with certain brands and models which we offer in our store. However, there are many quality brands out there that if well-fitted would do you and your horse a lot of good.

You can have our Saddle Consultants over for treed-, treeless-, or flexible saddles. Our consultants do not flock any treed saddles though.

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Is it wise to have a Saddle Fitting Consultation when I can’t ride my horse (yet)?

Young Horse

If you are dealing with a young horse, we recommend you take a look at our blog article: ‘6 steps for saddle fitting with a green horse’.

Injured Horse

During a saddle fitting consultation it is necessary to see the horse in movement with the saddle and also with the rider. When your horse is momentarily unfit to ride then it is recommended not to have a consultation as there will be changes in his movement and musculature during his road to recovery.

Unprepared Rider

When you are still a bit unconfident riding or you have a ‘challenging horse’ it is best to contact us. Our Saddle Consultants have been succesful horse trainers and instructors for many years, they will advice you to the best of their knowledge.

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Can I receive a Consultation without yet knowing if I’d like a new saddle?

Absolutely. Our customers sometimes already have a well-fitted saddle but would like to explore even better options.

The saddles we offer through our store have been researched and tested thoroughly. We’re convinced that in most cases they create unique benefits that most other brands don’t do to the same extend. But please, don’t just take our word for it. Let your horse do the talking or rather moving and schedule a consultation with us today.

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Purchase, Payment & Delivery

Why would I purchase a saddle offered by Skyriding?

Finding a saddle that is both comfortable for you and your horse isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

We have researched and tested many different saddles over the years. In our professional opinion, some of them are great, some of them are okay and others are just plain bad when it comes to quality. We look beyond quality however.

We select our saddles on being Lightweight, Flexible, Adjustable & Durable. When the saddle fits, these unique features create a variety of benefits for the rider and the horse.

Take a look at our video on brands for a more thorough explanation on these great benefits.

Our Selection Process

Can I order my new saddle directly from the website?

Most of our saddles brands offer a great variety of options in regards to colour, stitching and more importantly for your horse; size.

Once you place your order we will contact you as quickly as possible to go over your specific wishes and your horse’s needs.

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How long will it take to deliver my new saddle?

Because we work with different suppliers our delivery time varies.

Our saddles are never made in a factory by some assembly line and never by children or underpaid employees. The saddles we work with are all made by hand on order to ensure quality control. Therefore depending on the brand delivery times may vary between 4-12 weeks.

Accesories obviously do not take so long. Some items we already have in stock. Items from our stock clearance or ‘Bargain Barn’ can be shipped to you inmediately.

Our Bargain Barn

What are the shipping costs?

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg:

10,- Euros

Everything else within the European Union:

17,50 Euros

Worldwide shipping (outside of previously mentioned countries)

45,- Euros

How does the payment process go?

When you have decided to place an order, an invoice will be send to your email address.

New saddles require a downpayment of 50% of the total order before it goes into production. The remaining 50% can be paid before or during the delivery process.

Other items and saddles out of our stock clearance are to be paid fully before we send them out because they can be dispatched inmediately.

Our Stock Clearance

Do you sell preloved or 'secondhand' saddles?

Usually…….no. However we do frequently have stock clearances offered in our ‘Bargain Barn’. Some of those saddles are completely new. Some of those saddles are as good as new but have been on one or a few saddle fitting consultations.

Either way, on all items in our stock clearance you receive a major discount.

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