Flexible Inspiration


Through the flexible leather tree the saddle has a spring to it that follows the movement of the horse whenever it hollows or rounds of it’s back.
Because of it’s traditional treed saddle appearance the Inspiration is a wonderful choice for the more ambitious dressage rider whether they wish to compete or not.


The adjustable kneeblocks give a lot of support and the saddle actually has a deeper seat than it initially looks to have.

Flexible General info
Flexible saddles have a Leatherflex base or tree. This material is flexible and can move in different directions so as to follow the movement of the horse’s back in motion.
The combination of a solid headplate, flexible tree and softfoam panels make, when fitted correctly, for a wonderful pressure distribution like you would expect from any saddle; plus the benefits of the flexible tree that offers more freedom of movement and shock absorption.

Flexible saddles are a great solution for the rider who loves their treed saddle but is looking for more comfort, freedom of movement and a close contact.

Additional information

Flexible Tree



European Quality Leather


Soft Foam

Special Girthing system


Available Tree Sizes

30, 32 and 34 cm

Available Saddle Lengths

15.5 inch (43,5 cm), 16.5 inch (45,5 cm), 17.5 inch (47,5 cm)


Black, Brown


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