Freeform DKR


The Freeform DKR is the most adjustable saddle in the Freeform family. Next to the options for stirrup leather placement, the billet systems, velcro and more, the DKR also offers the rider to adjust their leg placement to different styles of riding or disciplines by changing the kneeblocks. There is an addition for vintage or nubuck leather. Excludes pad, panels, stirrup leathers, stirrups and girth.


If you would like to know more about the different models and sizes kneeblocks available for the DKR feel free to contact us.

Because the saddle adapts to the back of the horse during movement both rider and horse experience a wonderful connection through the riders seat. The seat gives the rider a soft feel next to the horse’s comfort. From dressage to jumping this saddle offers so many possibilities.

Freeform General info:
Freeform saddles have a foam base made from the same material used in the Maserati car seats: made for comfort and not harmed by cold, heat or pressure.
The foam is flexible which is why Freeform is often referred to as treeless or semi-treeless.
Freeform foam and leather stays in good condition for years which makes for a good balance between balance and excellent pressure distribution and a flexible saddle that conforms to the horse’s back and movement.

Stirrup bars & Billet system
Thanks to the moveable stirrupleather placement it is possible to adjust the leathers to all kinds of riders and disciplines. The saddle has a built in reinforcement to make sure the weight of the rider on the stirrups is evenly distributed.
Freeform’s standard Y billetsystem makes for a stable saddle that won’t easily slide even during mounting; something that tends to happen with countless of other treeless saddles especially with rounder horses.
Also most of the English Freeform models are now ordered standard with the new 3-way billet system: 3 options for a better pressure distribution adjusted to your horse and making the chance of fitting on different horses even higher.

Pad / panels
For optimal pressure distribution and spine protection it is necessary to, depending on the horse, use either a pad with inserts especially for treeless saddles or panels for the Freeform saddles.

The standard price of this saddle includes:
– Saddle base (independent of size)
– DKR seat (independent of size)
– Standard kneeblocks
– Nosejob (see attributes)
– 5 D-rings
– Velcro for panels, includes panels or pad
– New billet system
– Velcro stirrup leather attachment, excludes stirrup leathers and girth

* The DKR base can also be combined with other seats and every Freeform saddle can be ordered completely custom made. We would love to send you more information on other options or how to save costs, just contact us!

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Additional information

Saddle base & seat options

Choice between different saddle base sizes:
Saddlebase 56 cm. (standard) with seat sizes between 16,5’’ – 19,5’’
Saddlebase 51 cm. (short base) with seat sizes between 15’’ – 17,5’’
Saddlebase 47 cm. (extra short base) with seat sizes between 15’’ – 16’’

Y-billet system

Y-billet system for great pressure distribution

New Billet System

3 options to place the girthing billets: now even more adjustable to your horse

Stirrup Bar Placement

Adjustable stirrupleather placement


Handmade saddle from highest quality Italian calfskin


– Without cutback
– 9 cm. cutback
– 13 cm. cutback

Velcro for panels

Saddle comes standard with Velcro on the lining so that panels can be attached whenever necessary


Contact us for extra options like:
– Extra D-rings
– Knee- and thigh block options
– Colour combinations
– Combinations with different seats
– Lining material
– Other


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