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De Freeform Western Allround is the simpeler version of the Small Butterfly meant for horses with a short back and riders who prefer to have as little saddle as possible.
With it’s weight of less than 7 kilo’s this saddle is not even comparable to the +- 25 kilo’s of a traditional treed western saddle. It is easy to lift and saves your horse a lot of kilo’s to carry around.

The cantle of the saddle can easily be adjusted to fit differently sized riders and the fork is replaceable to make it possible for the saddle to be used by multiple horses or young horses still growing.
The twist of the seat gives the rider the opportunity to have a correct seat making some dressagework in the arena possible. And the rounded skirt offers the horse more freedom of movement in the turn.

The Freeform Western Allround is the right saddle for you if you are looking for a comfortable, safe ride outside or if you are looking for the right saddle for a competitive show without sacrificing your horses back!

Freeform Western General info:
Freeform saddles are developed by the saddlers you know from all of the best treed westernsaddles in Europe. They also make Garland, Wild West, White star, Platinum and Lavilla saddles.
Only because of their huge amount of experience the developers of Freeform have been able to make a saddle like this with the quality and looks of a traditional western saddle but with the perks of a good treeless saddle.
Freeform saddles have a foam base made from the same material used in the Maserati car seats: made for comfort and not harmed by cold, heat or pressure.
The foam is flexible which is why Freeform is often referred to as treeless or semi-treeless.
Freeform foam and leather stays in good condition for years which makes for a good balance between balance and excellent pressure distribution and a flexible saddle that conforms to the horse’s back and movement.

Stirrup bars & Billet system
Thanks to the moveable stirrupleather placement it is possible to adjust the leathers to all kinds of riders and disciplines. The saddle has a built in reinforcement to make sure the weight of the rider on the stirrups is evenly distributed.
Freeform western saddles are available with several different kinds of girthing systems, depending on your horses needs and your wishes.
Some systems are better used for quick manoeuvres, the use on several horses or specifically for your horse.

Pad / panels
For optimal pressure distribution and spine protection it is necessary to, depending on the horse, use either a pad with inserts or panels for the Freeform saddles.
* NEW: since 2016 Freeform offers the option for even their western saddles to be made with velcro and panels. This is usually adviced for warmbloods with high withers.

* The standard price of this saddle includes:
– Complete saddle + fork (independent of size)
– 5 D-rings
– Girthing system of your choice (leather latigo’s)
– Fenders
– Standard tooling

* Freeforms western seats can be ordered in either calfskin or suede for more grip.


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Additional information


2 size options:
Standard: 67 cm.
Short Base: 62 cm. (smaller twist)

Billet system

Choice between 4 girthing options:
– Standard adjustable
– Big D rigging
– 3 Way rigging
– C rigging
*NEW: latigo’s are now ordered standard in leather instead of nylon


Naturally tanned full grain vegetable leather

Leather seat

Choice between 2 materials for seat:
– Italian Calfskin
– Suede (for a better grip / but wears out quicker)

Exchangeable fork

Exchangeable fork available in sizes:


Choice between several kinds of tooling to give your saddle a unique look


Contact us for more options like:
– Extra D-rings
– Colour combinations
– Lining material
– Velcro & panel options
– Other