Grandeur Pads


For all sorts of disciplines, horse & rider combinations and saddles you can find a fitting grandeur pad to support your saddle and protect your horse’s spine.


For every discipline, horse and rider combination, saddle brand and model you can choose between different grandeur pads.

Standard prices: Western (195,-), Endurance(195,-), English(145,-). all models are available in different sizes, shapes and colours. Also custom: lining, spinefreedom, pockets and more.

The grandeur pad can be used for all kinds of different saddle brands including:
– Freeform
– Evolution
– Startrekk
– Trekker
– Hidalgo
– And most standard treed saddles western and english

All the grandeur pads for treeless or semi treeless saddles are made with pockets for inserts to support the saddle and protect the spine. Different sorts of material are available for the inserts.

Inserts available:
Felt, Moosgummi and Soft Foam are the materials we usually recommend, depending on the fit and purpose.

Colour options:
Grandeur has a wide range of colours.

When ordering a grandeur pad we will get in contact with you so you can specify your needs.