Trekker Classic


The Trekker Classic is the original Trekker Endurance model designed specifically by and for long distance riders.

Because of the thick, forward kneeblock it’s a comfortable ride with nothing sitting in your way until you actually need it.


The seat is comfortable but simple and makes it a pleasure to ride some long happy hours in the saddle.

Trekker General info
Because of the adjustable pommel the saddle is easily fitted to a variety of horses and backs. When the saddle fits it is highly likely that it will still fit the horse in a few years, sometimes through a small intervention from the rider. This makes the saddle great for young, growing horses.
The saddle panels are filled with a combination of wool and foam and make for good spine clearance. Besides that the new models come with a cutback for higher withered horses.

Additional information

Adjustable pommel

Adjustable pommel from 19,5 – 41 cm.

Adjustable seat

Seat adjustable between 16'' – 18''

Exchangeable panels

Exchangeable panels in 2 sizes:
– Standard: 45,5 cm.
– Short: 42,5 cm.

Serial number

Custom serial number to prevent theft

Stirrupbar placement

2 different stirrupbar options

Colours available

Black, Brown or a combination of both


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