Trekker True Talent

Compact, light weight and lots of space for movement are keywords for the Trekker True Talent specifically designed for the Endurance rider. Fenders with kneeblocks are not included, Price: € 198,00


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Trekker General info
Because of the adjustable pommel the saddle is easily fitted to a variety of horses and backs. When the saddle fits it is highly likely that it will still fit the horse in a few years, sometimes through a small intervention from the rider. This makes the saddle great for young, growing horses.

The saddle panels are filled with a combination of wool and foam and make for good spine clearance. Besides that the new models come with a cutback for higher withered horses.

The pommel and seat give the rider a secure feel, even more so because of the soft fenders with kneeblocks usually used with the Trekker Flow. The kneeblocks can be removed or exchanged for another size. Naturally the Flow can also be ridden with english stirrup leathers or fenders without kneeblocks.

Because the saddle doesn’t have saddleflaps it’s easier to provide the horse with more freedom of movement than most english model saddles will offer.

* The seat of the True Talent is adjustable like any other Trekker saddle, nevertheless the experience teaches that the seat size is experienced to be just a little smaller, depending on posture of the rider.

* The price of the Trekker True Talent excludes fenders. Fenders with kneeblocks: € 198,00


Additional information

Adjustable Pommel

Adjustable pommel from 19,5 – 41 cm.

Adjustable Seat

Seat adjustable between 16'' – 18''

Exchangeable panels

Exchangeable panels in 2 sizes:
– Standard: 45,5 cm.
– Short: 42,5 cm.

Serial Number

Custom serial number to prevent theft or confusion about fake saddles

Stirrup Bar Placement

2 different stirrup bar options

Colours Available

Black, Brown or a combination of both


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